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The Healthy Vision Association is dedicated to helping its members see well and be healthy by providing access to products, services and information that promote vision and overall health.

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Tips for Minimizing Eye Discomfort and Fatigue in the Digital Age

By HVA published 1 week ago

Living in the digital age has enabled us to streamline many day-to-day tasks. However, excessive exposure to digital devices has significantly increased the risk of eye health problems. 

7 Techniques for Cultivating Inner Peace and Resilience

By HVA published 2 weeks ago

Inner peace and resilience are the most important ingredients of a happy and healthy life. When you are at peace, you can handle every aspect of your day-to-day with positive energy and accomplish many goals. 

The Aftermath of Cataract Surgery: How to Make Your Recovery Easy and Safe

By HVA published 3 weeks ago

After you undergo a significant medical procedure, the treated area of your body is usually more susceptible to harm. 

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The Healthy Vision Association is committed to helping qualified not-for-profit organizations whose mission is related to helping people see well and stay healthy.

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